Daily Donut


  • Posted by Gruhn on December 2nd, 2016

Discussion (9)¬

  1. David Hurley says:

    Let’s hope they are prepared!

  2. Julian says:

    When the get to the spin class, do their bikes have 2 or 4 petals?

  3. Dave says:

    If I was Rudolph I wouldn’t want to be invited to this game.

  4. Kit Karidoo says:

    Pilates the red nosed reindeer!

  5. Binky says:

    Reindeer torture!

  6. Tony McGurk says:

    Too much burn & they’ll smell venison cookin’

  7. bearman says:

    Who burned the meat?

  8. Tony McGurk says:

    Mike, Mike, where are you Mike???

  9. Jack Kent says:

    Just hop up on the chicken coop and let’s do some cardio!