Daily Donut


  • Posted by Gruhn on November 6th, 2015

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  1. David Hurley says:

    A healthy hamster is a happy hamster. 😉

  2. Bill Murphy says:

    As he’s sitting in a recliner with a beer. Classic! 😀

  3. Elen G says:

    Hahaha. That’s a click and tweet.

  4. Binky says:

    How else can a couch potato get 10,000 steps?

  5. Nef says:

    Great idea. I’ll do this. Except that my step counter is on my phone and it will be a bit hard to tie it to the rodent.

  6. Pam Huggins says:

    You’ve just planted the idea… hamsters across the nation will now be wearing Fitbits!
    Love your drawing perspective here. Excellent!!

  7. Finally found a good use for that thing

  8. Tony McGurk says:

    It’s a new exercise craze – Hamstercizing