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  1. Athena Redmond says:

    Imagine trying to give three injections through that suit – then you’d come close to what it’s like to give three injections to an autistic 12-year-old boy who weighs 132 pounds! Yes, that was my Wednesday. Thanks for making me remember that experience and laugh about it this morning!

  2. Binky says:

    Diamond tipped drill!

  3. Mark Stokes says:

    Pneumatically turn your head and cough.

  4. Tony McGurk says:

    Things are about to heat up.
    The 1st thing I thought of was this Bbugs Bunny cartoon scene

  5. Pam Huggins says:

    Chuckle chuckle chuckle!
    Thanks for always making me laugh. 🙂

  6. That’s what separates the iron boys from the iron men

  7. Bill Murphy says:

    Last time you go to that doctor about a burning sensation!

  8. Rust prevention is serious business.