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Discussion (8)¬

  1. Bill Murphy says:

    I think you might be able to be acquitted on the shrinking charges but I believe you will have a tough time getting passed the food product part. 😉

  2. Nef says:

    It seems someone has to die before the lawmakers react. They will be remembered as sweet heroes.

  3. Binky says:

    It may depend on what food products.

  4. Mark Stokes says:

    The Oompa Loompa Defense.

  5. Tony McGurk says:

    Give the Judge some Fizzy Lifting Drink & the courtroom’s ceiling fan will take care of the rest.

  6. Joseph DR says:

    … from the law firm of Laffy Taffy.

  7. Guilty Guilty! Oompa-dee-doo!