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  1. I always loved piƱatas as a kid, until the free candy/baseball bat/ bunch-of-kids combo resulted in many an injury

  2. Erasmo says:

    Great Game!!!

    This is a famous game that you can find in a birthaday parties to kids.

    When you brake the donkey you coud get a lot candy and an pretty gift.

    Now I’d like to brake my donkey…

  3. Joseph DR says:

    Before that the donkey was thinking, “I see the sticks but where are the carrots?” :OP

  4. David Hurley says:

    You better start rephrasing quick!

  5. Bill Murphy says:

    His seconds are numbered…

  6. Jason says:

    “He’s lying about not knowing where the candy is. Let’s beat it out of him!”

  7. Dave says:

    Nope, spiders! Who wants spiders crawling on them!?

  8. In Miami many non Hispanic have adopted this tradition.

  9. Binky says:

    They’ll beat it out of him one way or another.

  10. Just take a whack at it… No wait!

  11. PAMO says:

    Oh no! The pinata can talk?!
    Save the PINATA!!!!
    (I’ve never played this game… but who can resist candy?)

  12. Mark Stokes says:

    Some things are best kept to yourself.

  13. Tony McGurk says:

    It deserves a beating for lying about the candy