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  • Posted by Gruhn on February 2nd, 2015

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  1. JD says:

    Thanks to a 5 million dollar grant.

    Will Mickey try to create himself or Walt?

  2. Bill Murphy says:

    I’m sure they will make beautiful children together!

  3. Elen Grey says:

    Red always gets eaten first. Ask any kid.

  4. David Hurley says:

    To eat or draw is the question.

  5. They keep,drawing cheese

  6. Tony McGurk says:

    More webcomic artists in the making

  7. Mark Stokes says:

    Chew on this, art world!

  8. JD says:

    The next morning –
    “Look at all this interesting wax sculptures on the bottom ofthe cage. It seems the mice are into their spherical sculpture stage. Oh wait, never mind.”

  9. Binky says:

    Now they can draw their own mazes.

  10. Joseph DR says:

    Let the creative expression commence!