Daily Donut



Discussion (9)¬

  1. David Hurley says:

    Ain’t it the truth!

  2. Bearman says:

    That’s how I always feel

  3. danny says:

    lol 🙂 It’s about to get a little crazy up in here…

  4. Binky says:

    You’re lucky to get anything on flights these days!

  5. Mark Stokes says:

    Come on lady, shell ’em out!

  6. Tony McGurk says:

    I bet he had to pay for those measly few too. I remember when you got sandwiches & coffee or orange juice for free

  7. Bill Murphy says:

    Those little baggies are such a tease! 😉

  8. Joseph says:

    I remember the good ol’ days when you got a whole meal, movie and a drink included with the flight.