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Caption Contest 30

Caption Contest 30
Congratulations to Rich G.!     You have a special coffee cup on the way….And it’s time for another contest!
  • Posted by Gruhn on January 20th, 2014

Discussion (29)¬

  1. Only humans are allowed to object!

  2. Cheryl says:

    They must think we’re nuts.

  3. mikonmark says:

    No comments from the peanut gallery.

  4. Ruth B.` says:

    Please join us at the reception where I understand we will have an “Alvin and the Chipmunks” cover band.

  5. David Hurley says:

    Does anyone object to this marriage?

  6. Mark Stokes says:

    What do you mean by “interspecies bigamist”?

  7. Binky says:

    Just because she has a tail, doesn’t mean you can marry her!

  8. And so the most bizarre brain switching plot ever was about to begin….

  9. Earlene says:

    “They think you’re nuts!”

  10. Bill Murphy says:

    They might still be a little upset over last week’s rice throwing incident…

  11. Joseph says:

    Nuts! You squirrel away nuts! Not the ring! :O)

  12. Jack Burns says:

    Regardless of what you’ve may have heard…”We’re here today to tie the ‘KNOT!'”

  13. Jack Burns says:

    or “Regardless of what you’ve may have heard…”We’re not here today to tie the ‘NUT!’”

  14. Rich G. says:

    “I told you all of my relatives are squirrelly”

  15. Tony McGurk says:

    Don’t marry him, he doesn’t have a tail
    Jack Burns’ 1st comment is my favourite so far.

  16. Joseph says:

    I agree. Jack Burns’ #1 :O)

  17. Wendy Taryn says:

    Don’t do it – he’s nuts!

  18. Colleen says:

    The couple then realized that their forest wedding cannot exclude the new guests.

  19. EllaCinder says:

    Friends, family & uninvited guests, we are gathered here today…

  20. Reileymb says:

    “Will there be acorns at the reception?”

  21. Rick Viall says:

    Oh nuts! Who has the ring?

  22. Colleen says:

    So when you said your best man has squirreled away the ring you weren’t kidding?

  23. Jason says:

    Luckily he still had his friends, for this was the moment Sammy Squirrel’s heart broke.

  24. Tim Collins says:

    Simon! Theodore! Alvin!.., ALVIN!..,”AL-VIN”!

  25. Kris says:

    Marriage is not meant for only humans.

  26. Brian says:

    We are gathered here today-squirrel!

  27. bobbi says:

    Spring Training!

  28. Audrey says:

    Speak now or forever hold your nuts!!

  29. Sarang says:

    dont look at the squirals because they will make you go nuts