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Caption Contest 27

Caption Contest 27

Congratulations to Diana.     She has her own webcomic called Blackboard Daze you can check out by clicking.

Discussion (27)¬

  1. cylb says:

    I don’t think we are in Baseball Hall of Fame.

  2. Bill D says:

    Oh look, Starry Night, by Vincent van Gutter Ball.

  3. Vincent Van Bowl is my favorite artist

  4. JayGrand says:

    I’m gonna go grab us a pitcher of beer.

  5. Mikonmark says:

    And, Van Gogh entered the Artistic Bowlers Hall of Fame when he bowled a 300 the day he cut off his ear. Extraordinary.

  6. JayGrand says:

    At 7:10 we have to split.

  7. Karr Keis says:

    Where’s the shoe rentals?

  8. Elen says:

    I’m laughing WITHOUT a caption.

    Bill D – You cracked me right up there.

    No caption here. 😉

  9. Julian says:

    This artist is a real pin-head.

  10. Bearman says:

    I can’t seem to pin down the artist on this one

  11. Diana says:

    I call this one “Split Happens”.

  12. madison harrison says:

    ….And this one’s made from a total pinhead.

  13. madison harrison says:

    Why did we come here again?

  14. phil davis says:

    I think the museum across the alley is the one we want.

  15. EllaCinder says:


  16. Joe says:

    Starry Starry Bowling Night

  17. Tony McGurk says:

    “I think the artist is symbolically depicting an Airforce night strike”

    Love the one on the far right.

  18. Paul W says:

    I’m sorry Fran…I know there’s supposed to be a bowling reference to these, but I’m just not seeing it.

  19. Athena Redmond says:

    “I paid ten bucks to see THIS?!?”

  20. Alexa says:

    Hey, after this do you want to go to a bowling for soup concert with me?

  21. Scott Foresman says:

    “Spare me.”

  22. PJ says:

    In the beginning God created the heavens and bowling.

  23. PJ says:

    *****Bowling with the stars*****

  24. PJ says:

    “So that’s what thunder is!”

  25. Lou Russell says:

    OH! This must be what PIN-interest is!!!

  26. Barb Gephart says:

    “And here we have The Starry Strike.” Another classic gone wrong in Ed’s nightmare after ditching his wife at the art show for a bowling night with the guys.

  27. Martin says: