Daily Donut


  • Posted by Gruhn on January 25th, 2013

Discussion (8)¬

  1. Justin says:

    This swimming competition can’t go wrong. lol

  2. danny says:

    Lol πŸ™‚ west side story. An american tragedy replays itself πŸ™‚

  3. Tony McGurk says:

    comic be titled “Meat”

  4. Tony McGurk says:

    O I somehow deleted the 1st part of my coment.
    Attempt 2: Shouldn’t this comic be titled β€œMeat”

  5. Binky says:

    I bet the sharks win.

  6. Diana says:

    Binky is right! My money is on the sharks.

  7. Seems to be a case of winners actually being losers (for the human side).