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Caption Contest #22

Caption Contest #22

Here they are…..The top 3 captions from caption contest #22

3rd Place   “Mom, you were right. The AstroTurf was a bad idea.”   -S. Faith

2nd Place    “Their sat nav must be awful”     -Richard


1st Place    “Yeah, thanks to cutbacks at NASA they’re exploring my neighborhood.”   -Dan Finch

Dan gets to choose between his signed cartoon or a coffee mug.      Exciting…..yes it is.

Get ready for Caption Contest #23 coming this weekend!!


  • Posted by Gruhn on January 31st, 2012

Discussion (21)¬

  1. Richard Wood says:

    Yes, they planted a flag and said take me to your leader

  2. Randy says:

    “Honey, did you switch lawn services?”

  3. Tim Green says:

    Yes, I need to make an appointment…Rover is acting strange!

  4. Ernie Hathcoat says:

    Hello 911 two guys are jacking my satellite dish!

  5. Madelyn says:

    I’m not sure if it’s a microphone or one of those probes I heard about…

  6. helen ferrieux says:

    Honey, I’ve just met the new neighbours

  7. Greg P. says:

    “Listen, I’ve seen this movie and this will not end well.”

  8. Lisa Brooks says:

    Hello Charles? Hey, your astronauts are loose in my yard again.

  9. Raj Mehta says:

    Please take me with you.

  10. Dan Finch says:

    Yeah, thanks to cutbacks at NASA they’re exploring my neighborhood.

  11. Susan Wright says:

    Hello, Witness Protection? So much for this Moon Colony being top secret!

  12. S. Faith says:

    Mom, you were right. The AstroTurf was a bad idea.

  13. Richard says:

    They said something about CGI will take care of everything

  14. Richard says:

    Their sat nav must be awful

  15. Goshposh says:

    When the pizza men said they were going to deliver in style, they went all the way

  16. Danny says:

    ***not the comment, but this would be the astronauts talking to each other***

    “Hey Buzz, Utah’s not what I expected”

  17. DIANA says:

    Wow, I hope that metal detector was worth the investment.

  18. Liz says:

    But I don’t want to EXPAND my cable coverage.

  19. tejaswi says:

    I asked for lawn mowers not mars rovers please

  20. Noël says:

    “Production is going great Mr. Spielberg! Just wish they would of given us a bigger budget to film the Mars landing in a studio.”

  21. He’s on the phone. Maybe he can’t see us. Wait ’till Steve shows up dressed as Sasquatch, and then tap on the window.