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  • Posted by Gruhn on September 9th, 2011

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  1. steph says:

    I grew up 20 miles N of NYC – went there frequently through the years. There were pigeons
    everywhere. Sometimes hundreds on top of buildings, and some walking between the bustle of
    people on the city streets….

    Moved to Texas a while back, and lots of my friends, in season, go dove hunting. Have had it
    myself now, wrapped in bacon – tastes all right..

    This cartoon made me realize there are millions of free meals in NYC – just open the window and grab them from the ledge!

    When you eat a pigeon, it then is called squab!

    Cute cartoon…. Don’t comment often, but enjoy getting your funnies in my email..


  2. Tony says:

    Just today I’ve been looking for recipes to prepare pigeon for consumption. Most articles and videos refer to the wood pigeon, which lives on the British isles. (see YouTube vid of Gordon Ramsey, hunting and preparing pigeon)
    I want to find out if racing pigeons could be served as a meal becaus I want to start racing pigeons again like I did when I was a teen. The sport though requires regular culling though and I have a bit of a mental block if the pigeons aren’t at least useful for a nice pie or something.
    BTW, Squab is the name of a young pigeon that has not yet flown, ie pigeons less than 24 – 30 days old.
    Nice toon tho.