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I’m a big fan and I had an idea for making a show like yours in the Amazon? Fun huh? If I have music and lots of acrobats would that be copyright infringement? (I am really the least likely person who you would think could put together a dance/acrobatic show in the Amazon so don’t worry). If you already have a show going on there then I will just back off of my ideas. My ideas mostly involve piranha so let me know if you’ve already used that idea?? THANK YOU!!


Thank you for you email. Unfortunately, Cirque du Soleil has a company policy to systematically refuse all unsollicited creative project.

Have a good day.

Johanne Roberge

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Cirque du Soleil

Envoyé : 12 avril 2011 21:52
À : Cirque du Soleil
Objet : Help (About Cirque du Soleil – Viva ELVIS)