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Caption Contest #16

Caption Contest #16

And the winner is………Todd McElmurry. Thanks for playing everyone and thanks for winning Todd.

Discussion (15)¬

  1. Richard says:

    Geoff had been caught adulterating the pistachio again

  2. Bruno says:

    “Free ice cream please….nothing bad will happen to you.”

  3. tmcelmurry says:

    “Come and scoop ice cream for us Danny. Come scoop ice cream for us for ever and ever.” The Grady twins always crept Danny out when they ordered ice cream.

    *Couldn’t help a Shining reference when I saw the twin girls*

  4. Goshposh says:

    ^ Haha that’s hilarious! And it’s creepy because I just saw the movie like two days ago. Hmm this is a hard one, I got nothin

  5. Joe says:

    Danny! Is that you?

    *tmcelmurry’s is better. I got the same feeling he did, but my reference is a little obscure. Steven King rules! But I thought I’d throw something up on the wall.

  6. Char says:

    tmcelmurry got to the shining referance before i could! darn. Guess that’s what i get for being gone a week. lol. He did it better than what i was thinking too.

  7. Sharon says:

    “Double our pleasure, double our fun… another conjoined cone, please!”

  8. msWILDside says:

    “You think because we are red-headed step-children, we shouldn’t get our ‘own’ cones!”

  9. msWILDside says:

    Bill realized that no matter how easy his job is. He should not go to work drunk!

  10. Geoffrey says:

    The ice-cream man says all kids are idiots!!!
    Hurry and throw a riot that might kill him!!!
    calling all Children!!! Throw a RIOT!!!

  11. msWILDside says:

    No matter how hot it was, Bill realized that sampling the Psychedelic Mango was not a good idea.

  12. msWILDside says:

    “Hey Mister! we are NOT conjoined twins, We want ‘Separate’ cones!!”

  13. thomas says:

    Come and play with us,Danny come and playyy.

  14. clmascara says:

    Double, double your refreshment?