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Caption Contest #15

Caption Contest #15

Congratulations to Nuala McGee! Nice work Nuala.

Discussion (34)¬

  1. Finkster says:

    “Cooperative with us and we’ll keep the duck from giving you a quaker sandwich.”

  2. Luther says:

    Welcome to Aflac. Please kiss the Duck.

  3. Katherine says:

    “He’s here to help us with the investigation. He said he could “quack” the case.”

  4. Mike Lott says:

    “Seriously, if this duck keeps parading around in front of my agency yelling ‘Aflac’, I’m going to have to press charges!”

  5. James McGee says:

    Mr. Jenkins if you don’t cooperate we will have to play the old “Good Duck Bad Cop”

  6. Nuala McGee says:

    We’ve Quacked the case!

  7. tmcelmurry says:

    This duck was found at the scene of the crime. Everytime we ask who the murderer is it keeps repeating your name Mr. Aflac.

  8. Bryan says:

    “We’re going to question you now. One of us thinks you’ll quack under pressure.”

  9. Jerry Lozano says:

    Pay no attention to the duck. He is just observing.

  10. steve says:

    Sorry chief, but after 15 years of ’round up the usual suspects’ there’s not a lot of choice left.

  11. Richard D says:

    This is a bloodhound in his best disguise ever. He brought us straight to you.

  12. Jonathan Parker says:

    I want to introduce you to your new partner…Howard.

  13. Jonathan Parker says:

    We were going to throw the book at you, but since you yelled “Duck!”

  14. Tanos says:

    “Home Land Security caught the suspect just as he was trying to migrate south for the winter. There should be no more fly by car bombings.”

  15. Aunt Shirley says:

    The comments are all too good. I can’t possibly compete. I have my 2 favorites so it will be interesting to see which one the secret panel of experts choose. I assume the panel represents all facets of society: sheriffs, victims, ducks, and women (wives, daughters, mothers and mothers in law, and aunts).

  16. Bruno says:

    Hey Steve, meet us downstairs for lunch. They’re serving Roasted you-know-who with orange sauce.

  17. Bearman says:

    Well I see one duck. What did you do with the other duck and the goose.

  18. Look carefully one more time. Are you sure this is the duck you saw breaking into your car?

  19. Joe says:

    I’m afraid the employee handbook doesn’t cover this. I’ve had to call in the police.

  20. tmcelmurry says:

    We’re not sure what to do with him, his name came up on this weeks “No Fly” list.

  21. Jim Cavanaugh says:

    We’ll have to keep him in custody. He’s definately a flight risk.

  22. Brian says:

    And then he said to the bartender, “can you get this guy off my butt?”

  23. Sharon says:

    “At first, when we asked him his name he said ‘Aflac’. But later he said we could just call him ‘Ben’”.

  24. Sharon says:

    Well, he looked like a duck. He walked like a duck. But, instead of quacking he said “Aflac!”

  25. mike says:

    i swear to god, i don’t have any connections with the duck, he was just sitting on the street

  26. Bruce says:

    Well, he looked like a duck. He walked like a duck. But, instead of quacking he said “Aflac!”

  27. Lilia G. says:

    “Someone better start explaining what’s goin on here or I just might go crazy.”

  28. Lilia G. says:

    “Well, this is the first time we had a duck that was used as a weapon.”

  29. Cady says:

    I’m sorry but we’re going to have to let you go. We’ve hired Mr. Birdbrain here to do your job for all the birdseed he can eat.

  30. snehal kadam says:

    do you see this duck, fleshing yummy ready to get grilled…
    if you don’t corporate u’ll be the stuffing…
    P.S. that u corporate….

  31. snehal kadam says:

    do you see this duck, fresh yummy fleshy ready to get grilled…
    just confess and i swear you’ll get the best part…
    P.S. that you do it… or you’ll just get a feather lite dinner…

  32. Goshposh says:

    The new police insurance policy from Aflac, take twenty.

  33. james says:

    He pays my bail when i am out of work and have to steal.

  34. Geoffrey says:

    “This Ugly-Duckling has been found Guilty for being ugly”,” Hold the last case, a quakin’ ducks a comin! “,”By-Jolly! that duck K.O’d the Manager and the Guared!,Hes Guilty!”